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On this week's episode of #CurryUpStartup, I interview Anita Badhwar, International Educator and Author of Little Princess Rani book series. In this podcast, Anita shares her passion for bridging cultural awareness among communities through her writing, how it has served as a creative outlet , inspiration from kids to portray Indian heritage and advise for pursuing your dreams. A fun rapid fire round on role model and beyond awaits you.

Anita grew up in Toronto, Canada but now lives in the United States. Anita decided to pursue her lifelong dream of writing a South Asian children's book series in 2012. In particular, she wanted celebrate her heritage with the world by writing a book series that presented information about India, Indian culture and Hindu festivals. Since 2012, her books have been featured Canadian Living Magazine and several South Asian on-line magazines in Canada, the UK, and the United States. Anita worked as an International Educator with Santa Fe College (Florida) in which she advised students on how to enrich their education through international programs and opportunities. She lives in Florida with her husband, and two children, and her lovable dog Buddy.

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